Your Healing Journey is a Story that Begins with Your Soul, Every Struggle is coded in the Relationship with your Parents, Every Pain is an Opportunity for Growth, Every Story is Inspiring and Empowering and Worth Celebrating.

My Story..

I began this journey seeking love, heartfelt connections, and true Happiness after many painful physical and emotional experiences that mentally were exhausting.

Through meditation and yoga practices as well as diving deep to the heart of psychology and human behavior the wealth of wisdom I was offered guided me to the core of every presenting issue. Through my personal experiences and breakthroughs I realize for Love we need to get beyond our Comfort Zone and take Personal responsibility for our growth. Through healing our Body, Reprogramming our Belief System, Connecting with our Soul's Purpose, and Facing our Fears there is the gateway to create a Soulful Romantic Partnership. That was my turning point, to change my Therapist hat and begin my practice as an Intuitive Holistic Guide.

With Gottman's Existential and Experiential Couples Therapy Principles, Divine Feminine Alchemy, and Yogi Psychology wisdom my clients have many possibilities to begin an individual healing journey, create long-lasting romantic relationships, and transform their entire life.

The Ugly Duck Story was mine..I grew up with one wish, simple yet profound: Find love, get married, and start a family, believing it would bring happiness.

A Peaceful Heartwarming Family Dinner was a Dream.

Growing up my life was nothing but chaotic, stressful, and traumatic outside and inside. Relationships were neglectful and abusive. Born and raised in Iran, I dealt with war for the first 8 years of my life, portal punishment at school was a norm, I was bullied for my look and weight… society was unsafe and violent. I experienced losses, immigration, divorce and many other traumas. Yet, my pursuit for true love and faith was growing stronger with each fall. My dream became true, I got married yet that was another chaotic and abusive cycle. I needed to pause and find the truth. What am I missing?

I began my master degree in counseling psychology and studied metaphysics and healing modalities alongside. I dived deep into Human Personality, Psyche (Soul), and Patterns. Self-Discovery brought light to my inner reality which I was blind to see or understand. It was humbling to realize how my very own self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, suppressed emotions, and unhealed traumas were causing all the heartaches. Self awareness guided me to grow stronger through forgiveness and compassion for everyone involved. In the midst of this healing process, I was faced with a handful of serious physical diagnoses that left me devastated. My body was breaking inside. My nervous system was shutting down. My search for love shifted, my Body needed my Love. I began investing in a school of self-healing, working with healers and mentors to understand my body, its devic intelligence and began practicing yoga, meditation, and energy healing. I kept healing and growing one layer at a time. Doctors could not believe the results. I was able to heal the incurable.

After 10 years of eating and breathing Yoga, meditation, and energy healing and manifesting my dreams I was hit with another Life Lesson. I was feeling Happy, Successful, Attractive, I had a loving partner in my life. "Now What"?????? This time I needed to go all the way in, I needed to become more humble and get out of my Comfort-Zone, My Ego needed a makeover, the truth was I was not seeing the Pain behind my Smile and Positive attitude. All these times I was trying hard to prove I CAN, but I was masking the real pain, the Silent Inner Critic was still active. I began working with a new mentor and healing deep energetic blocks. I invested in Advanced Human Mastery.

Breath-work and Plant Medicine opened doors I never knew was possible. MAGIC is the only word that can describe the depth. I was able to connect with my higher self, activate my healing powers, made peace with my inner critics, and healed what I had no idea even existed. My life became soulful, my business became my soul's purpose. I healed every relation, every connection, including the one with myself, my body, my soul, and My PARENTS...The Old scars Healed with Love. Every area of my life was transformed. I found The TRUE LOVE, embodied TRUE HAPPINESS, Inner Peace....My life became a story, a Soul's Journey, Inspiring and Empowering.


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